SQLpassion Online Trainings

You want to learn how to tune and optimize your SQL Server installation? Learn it by watching one of my most popular SQL Server training videos.

Query Tuning

Learn the basics about how to tune and optimize your SQL Server queries for a better performance.

Performance Tuning

Learn the basics about how to tune the performance of your SQL Server installation.

High Availability

Learn how to run SQL Server in a High Availability configuration and on VMware vSphere.


Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware

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Some Feedback From Previous Training Attendees

"The SQL Server Query Tuning Training helped me as a developer to realize how important a good indexing strategy is for a responsive application. In my opinion every developer, working with SQL Server, should know how the indexes are build up, and how the query optimizer is getting to his query plan."
From Zoetermeer, Netherlands
"Anyone faced with the task to implement queries on complex ERP data structures – for reporting, providing views, or for statistical analysis – comes quickly to its limits without knowledge of the operation of SQL Server. The workshop provides an excellent insight into the technical world of SQL Server, explained with many examples of queries and their optimization."
From Oberhaching/Germany
"The training exceeded my expectations! The complete workshop was well structured, all topics were explained very clear with a lot of excellent prepared and documented demos. I definitely will use the knowledge and documentation that Klaus shared with us during the workshop as starting point and guide for my future work."
From Heverlee/Belgium
"My day-to-day writing of SQL has gone up a level – I am able to finely tune individual statements or underlying database objects to get the kind of query plan I want. Moreover I know now what sort of plan I am looking for. I have been already able to use this knowledge to address performance issues that came up this week in capacity testing."
From London, United Kingdom