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SQL Server In-Memory Technologies

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

Klaus Aschenbrenner

Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server

I work with Microsoft SQL Server for more than 20 years, and I provide with my company SQLpassion consulting and training services around the whole world.

Since 2012 I’m also a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server.

Course Description

In-Memory is the new buzzword of the modern age. It doesn’t matter on which database vendor you look at, everyone offers you In-Memory technologies. The same applies to SQL Server: In-Memory OLTP and ColumnStore Indexes.

But what’s the idea behind these 2 new technologies in SQL Server? Does it make sense to use these technologies for your own SQL Server workloads? When does it make sense to use In-Memory OLTP, when does make it sense to use ColumnStore Indexes? All these questions are answered in this online training.


Amazing Course

“In this workshop Klaus manages to cover everything you need to know about In-Memory technologies in SQL Server. With real-life examples it also becomes easy to follow. I would highly recommend this course to every DBA or developer.”

Mark from Montfoort, Netherlands

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6 hours

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EUR 229 incl. 20% VAT

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