Do you need more than STATISTICS IO for Query Tuning?

The session option STATISTICS IO is my friend during query tuning engagements, because it tells you exactly how many page reads you had for a specific query. Every time that SQL Server requests a page of 8KB from the Buffer Pool, it gets logged through the output of STATISTICS IO. ...

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Plan Caching

Today I want to talk more about Plan Caching and its side-effects in SQL Server. As you might know, every logical query submitted to SQL Server is compiled into a physical execution plan. That execution plan is afterwards cached in the so-called Plan Cache for further reuse. Let’s talk in the first ...

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SQLpassion Online Trainings in March 2017

Today I’ve published my SQLpassion Online Trainings for March 2017. On March 27 I’m running again a one-day long webinar about how to implement SQL Server Index Tuning Strategies On March 28 I’m doing again a free webcast from 11:00 – 12:00 (GMT + 1), where I will give you ...

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