Speaking about Latches & Spinlocks at the EightKB Online Conference

This Wednesday I have the pleasure to speak about Latches, Spinlocks, and Latch Free Data Structures at the EightKB Online Conference. This year they are expecting more than 1500 attendees and they have a great lineup with well-known international speakers: Amit Bansal speaks about SQL Server Memory Internals and Troubleshooting Bob Pusateri ...

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Announcing www.CHESSpassion.at

As you might know, my son Philip is quite talented in Chess, and he already competes very succesfully at the national level. He is currently listed at the 8th rank within his age group. Because a lot of people are currently very interested in chess (especially because of the Netflix ...

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SQLpassion Online Training about Statistics & Plan Caching

On January 28, 2021 I will run an SQLpassion Online Training about Statistics & Plan Caching in SQL Server. Statistics are used by SQL Server to estimate how many rows are returned for a given query. Based on that assumption, the Query Optimizer compiles a physical Execution Plan, which is ...

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