I‘m Klaus Aschenbrenner, a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server

»  I help people to bring their SQL server
installations to a new level of excellence.  «

SQLpassion Offerings

SQLpassion, a European SQL Server consulting company, provides high-quality SQL Server consulting services.
We are based in Vienna, Austria, but our client base is spread across the continent.
We provide the following SQL Server services:

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Exploring the Query Store on Secondary Replicas in SQL Server 2022

SQL Server 2022 introduces an exciting feature: the ability to access the Query Store from a secondary replica in an Availability Group. This enhancement offers a significant advantage, allowing you to redirect troubleshooting tasks to a secondary replica without impacting the performance of the primary replica. It’s crucial to note that all replicas (primary and


Exploring Neural Networks with TensorFlow in Visual Studio Code Dev Containers

Over the past few weeks, I’ve rekindled my interest in Artificial Intelligence research, spurred by the recent buzz surrounding topics like ChatGPT’s release a few months ago. Although I delved into this field back in 2016, the rapidly evolving landscape has motivated me to revisit it and delve deeper. My current focus revolves around delving


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