I‘m Klaus Aschenbrenner, a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server

»  I help people to bring their SQL server
installations to a new level of excellence.  «

SQLpassion Offerings

SQLpassion, a European SQL Server consulting company, provides high-quality SQL Server consulting services.
We are based in Vienna, Austria, but our client base is spread across the continent.
We provide the following SQL Server services:

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SQLpassion Live Training about SQL Server Availability Groups

On September 29, 2022 I will run an SQLpassion Live Training about SQL Server Availability Groups. High Availability with previous versions of SQL Server was always complex: you had Clustering, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping, and Replication. Beginning with SQL Server 2012 Microsoft changed everything and introduced a new High Availability technology called Availability Groups. In


Virtual Memory & x64 Long Mode

In my last blog posting I have talked about how you can read and execute the Second Stage Boot Loader of your own Operating System. In today’s blog posting I want to show you in the first step how you can remove the dependency from floppy disks. Afterwards we will switch our CPU into the


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