I‘m Klaus Aschenbrenner, a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server

»  I help people to bring their SQL server
installations to a new level of excellence.  «

SQLpassion Offerings

SQLpassion, a European SQL Server consulting company, provides high-quality SQL Server consulting services.
We are based in Vienna, Austria, but our client base is spread across the continent.
We provide the following SQL Server services:

You have seen my Blog Postings?

Loading and executing the Second Stage Boot Loader

In the last blog posting I have talked about how to read files from a FAT12 partition and print out its loaded content to the screen. In today’s blog posting I want to talk more about how to implement a Second Stage Boot Loader that can be loaded into memory for its execution. But let’s


SQLpassion Live Training about Query Tuning Fundamentals

On May 3, 2022 I will run an SQLpassion Live Training about SQL Server Query Tuning Fundamentals. If you have a database driven application which reacts very slowly when the data increases, then you are right in this live training! In this live training you will learn how you can tune SQL Server Queries with


Reading Files from a FAT12 Partition

In my last blog posting I have talked about how a PC boots up, and how you can write your own boot loader. As you have seen it is quite easy to spin up your own OS and print out some characters to the console. But at some point, you need to have the functionality


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