SQLpassion Black Friday Deal 2018

As we all know the Black Friday approaches quite fast, and therefore I also want to offer you a great deal from my side. Today and tomorrow I will offer you my available Online Trainings with a discounted price: Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware SQL Server Query Tuning ...

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Running SQL Server with Docker on the Mac

Years ago when I switched from Windows to Mac, people have told me regularily that I’m crazy. How can I be that stupid to work on MacOS when I’m dependent on SQL Server? In my case it wasn’t that terrible, because my main work is about content creation (writing blog ...

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Installing VMware NSX-T

I’m a big believer in the SDDC (Software Defined Data Center), especially on the VMware platform. VMware provides you for a SDDC the following products/offerings: VMware ESXi Hypervisor for CPU and Memory Virtualization VMware vSAN for Storage Virtualization VMware NSX-T for Network Virtualization As you already know from my previous ...

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Filtered Indexes in SQL Server

Today I want to talk about a specific kind of index in SQL Server: Filtered Indexes, which were introduced back with SQL Server 2008 – so already very long time ago. A Filtered Index is a traditional Non-Clustered Index, which includes a Filter Predicate that restricts the rows that are ...

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