SQLpassion Live Training about SQL Server Query Tuning Fundamentals

On April 4, 2023 I will run an SQLpassion Live Training about SQL Server Query Tuning Fundamentals. If you have a database driven application which reacts very slowly when the data increases, then you are right in this live training! In this live training you will learn how you can tune SQL Server Queries with the information available inside an execution plan. You will see how SQL Server retrieves data from the database files, how SQL Server can join resultsets, and how you can react with indexes if you are in performance troubles.

During the live training I will cover the following areas:

  • How to access your data through Indexes
    • Heap Tables
    • Clustered Index
    • Non-Clustered Index
    • Index Scans
    • Index Seeks
  • Execution Plans
    • Overview
    • Estimated Execution Plans
    • Actual Execution Plans
    • Data Access Operators
    • Join Operators
    • Aggregration Operators
    • Halloween Protection

SQLpassion Live Training

This one-day long webinar is primarily for DBAs, Developers, and Consultants who want to make their SQL Server installations faster. Please check-out the this link for more details about the online training (detailed agenda, date, pricing) and how to sign-up.

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Attend my Live Training on May 16, 2023:

SQL Server Query Tuning Strategies

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