SQLpassion Online Academy Summer Sale!

As you know I’m offering through the SQLpassion Online Academy Live Training sessions, and also recorded versions of these trainings for your immediate access. I’m quite happy today to announce that I’m providing you for the following available online trainings a discount over the next 30 days: Design, Deploy, and ...

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What is an Event-Less Extended Event Session?

Do you have ever heard about an “Event-Less” Extended Event Session? What is the idea about it? Why do you want to have an Extended Event Session without any events? Let’s talk about it… Event Less When you create an Extended Event Session in SQL Server, the definition of the ...

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Does a Query always wait in the SUSPENDED State?

In today’s blog posting I want to talk about a very interesting topic: in which execution state is a query waiting on “something”? By definition we can all agree that a query always waits in the SUSPENDED state. But this behavior is not really true. So let’s talk about it… ...

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Actual Number of Rows are not always accurate

Today’s blog posting is a quite interesting one, because I want to show you a concrete example where in an Actual Execution Plan the Actual Number of Rows are WRONG! Yes, you have read correctly: I’m talking here about the Actual Number of Rows, and not about the Estimated Number ...

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SQLpassion Online Trainings in June 2018

Today I want to announce my SQLpassion Online Training for June 2018. On June 21, 2018 I’m running a one-day long webinar about SQL Server Troubleshooting with Extended Events. And because of the huge success of my brand new training Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware, I will ...

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