SQLbits recap

It’s already a long time ago, since I spoke at SQLbits (first week of April), but yesterday the speakers got their session evaluation, and I’m very proud about the results of the 2 sessions that I have done at SQLbits: Service Broker: Message in a Bottle SQL Server 2008 Database ...

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Please vote for my SQLPASS precon and sessions

A few days ago, SQLPASS opened the voting for the precon’s and sessions for the annual SQLPASS community summit. I’ve also submitted 4 sessions and one precon, and I would be very happy if you can vote for them. Here are the 4 session abstracts: Advanced SQL Server 2008 TroubleshootingIt’s ...

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RCSI/SI doesn’t work with rows larger than 8046 bytes

During this week I have prepared a workshop about Locking & Blocking for one of my customers. One big part of this workshop was also the new Optimistic Concurrency model that SQL Server offers us since the inception of SQL Server 2005. Since SQL Server 2005 we have the READ ...

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How SQL Server stores indexes on variable length columns

In the last months I had done a lot of performance tuning workshops, and there is almost the same question: How SQL Server stores indexes on variable length columns? Therefore I thought this would be a great topic for a weblog posting. To examine the concrete storage details of an ...

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