2 of my favorite new T-SQL features in SQL Server Denali (SQL 11)

Microsoft released the first CTP version of SQL Server Denali during the SQLPASS Community Summit in Seattle last year. Since this major event in the SQL Server community I had a little bit of time to look into the CTP 1 version of Denali and see what new features they ...

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I’m speaking for the Performance Virtual Chapter of PASS

On January 4, I’m speaking about index internals for the Performance Virtual Chapter of PASS (http://performance.sqlpass.org). Here’s my session abstract: SQL Server provides two kinds of indexes for relational data: Clustered- and Non-Clustered Indexes. Both of them can be defined as unique and non-unique. In this session you will learn ...

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I’m starting my own SQL Server Consulting business!

Beginning with tomorrow I’m no longer working for HP Austria, because I’m starting my own SQL Server Consulting business. I’ve been working with SQL Server for almost 10 years now, so now its time for me to give my learning’s back to you through consulting. From 2000 to 2005 I’ve ...

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Vote for my precon workshop for PASS SQLRally

I’m one of the 3 lucky guys whose submitted precon workshop for the developer category for PASS SQLRally is in the final selection for community voting! 🙂 Here’s the abstract that I have submitted which gives you a good overview what I’m talking about, and what you’ll learn in my ...

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Unique and non-unique non-clustered indexes on a non-unique clustered index

In the last weblog post I have talked about the differences in unique and non-unique non-clustered indexes on a unique clustered index. In this weblog post I want to talk about the differences of non-clustered indexes defined on a non-unique clustered index. As you already know from this posting, SQL ...

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