Chance to win a free seat in my Performance Troubleshooting Workshop in London!

As you might know, I’m running my “Advanced SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting Workshop” from September 12 – 14 in Central London. You can find out further information about the detailed agenda here: Next week you have the amazing possibility to win a free seat in that workshop! It’s very ...

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SQLMCM Training – Day 11

Today Jonathan presented on Replication and Paul about Database Snapshots, and his baby called “CHECKDB” – he has been married with CHECKDB for almost 5 years at Microsoft. Module 8: Replication Distributes data to different locations Offloading reporting to another database Transactional Replication Used in server-to-server scenarios that require high ...

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SQLMCM Training – Day 10

Today Paul was speaking about Database Mirroring and Jonathan was talking about Failover Clustering – all in all a very intensive day J Module 6: Database Mirroring Split Brain is possible When you loose the witness, Database Mirroring goes into the asynchronous mode No automatic failover possible Witness should be ...

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SQL MCM Training – Day 9

Today Jonathan was talking the whole day about Consolidation and Virtualization. There were again a lot of new concepts, and new things to learn. Module 4: Consolidation Event Notifications for Monitoring Deadlocks, Locking/Blocking Scenarios Multiple Instances for TempDb bottleneck Soft-NUMA should be used to bound multiple instances to dedicated CPUs ...

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SQL MCM Training – Day 8

Today Paul talked the whole day about HA DR Strategies and Backup/Restore operations. I’ve already known a lot about Backup/Restores, but Paul showed some cool things that were even new to me J. Here are my study notes for the 3 modules of today: Module 1: HA DR Strategies Zero ...

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