SQL MCM Training – Day 4

Today Jonathan has presented on analyzing trace data, and Kimberly has spoken on troubleshooting Plan Cache Issues and Index Consolidation. It’s really awesome when you listen to Kimberly, because she is speaking so fast, and delivers such a great quality of content – really awesome!!! Module 10: Analyzing Trace Data ...

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SQL MCM Training – Day 3

Nothing to say about today, Jonathan did really a great job describing Extended Events and Baselining/Benchmarking to us, and his boss – Paul – did a quick really great overview of Resource Governor. I’ve done a lot in these areas in the past, so that was a more easy one ...

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SQL MCM Training – Day 2

Today’s day was Jonathan Kehayias days, and it was pretty impressive. Jonathan covered the following 3 modules, and he can speak really continuously and forever J IO – Storage Area Networks IO – Installation and Testing SQLOS I’ve already read few whitepapers in the past about SANs and also watched ...

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SQL MCM Training – Day 1

Today was my first day of SQL MCM training here in Bellevue. We started at 08:30am and now (05:30pm) Kimberly is currently talking about how to use the provided VPC J. The main theme for today’s day was about learning the fundamental about performance tuning. We have covered the following ...

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SQL MCM Training – Day 0

For the next 3 weeks I’m in Bellevue/WA for the SQL MCM training provided by Paul Randal, Kimberly Tripp, Jonathan Kehayias, and Bob Beauchemin of SQLskills.com. So don’t expect any technical weblog posting from me within that time. I’m sitting in the following 3 training classes: Performance Tuning (5 days) ...

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