My new event series across Europe: SQL Server 2012 Deep Dive Days

I’m very proud to announce today that I’m running next year a new event series across Europe: the SQL Server 2012 Deep Dive Days. You can learn in this 3 day event all about the new things in SQL Server 2012. The event series is currently planned for the following ...

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Why SQL Server is using so LESS memory

Today I want to talk about a phenomenon regarding memory management in SQL Server. A few weeks ago I had a consulting customer where we made some SQL Server performance improvements. As a side note the customer asked me, why SQL Server isn’t using as much memory as possible on ...

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Correction of my unfair and incorrect words against

On October 18, 2011 I have made unfair and incorrect words on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Xing against the owners of Because of this misbehavior of me, I got a so-called dissuasion letter from, which I have signed today, because I’m committing me now not to make such ...

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Troubleshooting THREADPOOL Waits

Today I want to talk about a specified wait type that can be sometimes very hard to troubleshoot: the THREADPOOL wait type. This wait type is specific to the internal thread scheduling mechanism inside SQL Server. As you might know SQL Server internally uses its own “operating system” to implement ...

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Query Memory Spills

When you sometimes look at Execution Plans, you can see that the SELECT operator has sometimes a so-called Memory Grant assigned. This Memory Grant is specified in kilobytes and is needed for the query execution, when some operators (like Sort/Hash operators) in the Execution Plans need memory for execution – ...

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