The dangerous beauty of Bookmark Lookups

Every one of us knows Bookmark Lookups in SQL Server. They are great, because you don’t need to care about your indexing strategy. They are bad, because with Bookmark Lookup you just introduce a bunch of other problems for your SQL Server installation. Almost every time when I’m on client ...

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Become an expert in SQL Server Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting!

Since September 2012 I’m a Microsoft Certified Master SQL Server 2008, which is the highest technical certification for SQL Server that is currently available. Because I want to share my performance tuning & troubleshooting knowledge, and because of the huge demand on performance tuning I’m running again this year my ...

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Practical SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting Day

Due to the huge demand of SQL Server Troubleshooting Know How and Techniques I’m running on January 29 (Vienna/Austria) and January 31 (Zurich/Switzerland) my 1 day workshop called “Practical SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting Day” (see for further information). During this 1 day workshop we will take a default installation ...

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SQL Server Quickie #4 – IAM Pages

Today I have uploaded the 4rd SQL Server Quickie to YouTube. In this episode I’m talking about IAM Pages in SQL Server. Thanks for watching! -Klaus

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