First steps with Extreme Transaction Processing – Hekaton

A few hours ago Microsoft released the first public CTP of SQL Server 2014. The download and the installation went very smooth, the only new restriction is that you are not allowed to install the CTP 1 version in parallel with any other SQL Server version. Aaron Bertrand has blogged ...

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My upcoming SQL Server Trainings

The 1st half of 2013 is almost over, so it’s time to announce my upcoming SQL Server trainings for the rest of 2013. Besides my traditional SQL Server Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting Workshop I have added 2 brand new workshops into the schedule: DBA Essential Days Without a Trace – ...

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SQL Server Tipping Games – Why Non-Clustered Indexes are just ignored!

Almost everytime when I’m doing SQL Server consulting engagements, DBAs are showing me queries and their Execution Plans, where SQL Server is just ignoring a good defined Non-Clustered Index. Imagine for example the following table and index definition: [crayon-5f2f3b67628d0302151634/] When you are populating the table with 80.000 records and running ...

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My 2 cents on SQL Server 2014

Yesterday during the opening keynote of TechEd North America Microsoft released the first official details about the next version of SQL Server: SQL Server 2014. There are huge improvements in the area of High Availability, Performance, and Scalability, on which I want to concentrate in this weblog posting. Disclamer: This ...

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Windows, RIP (1992 – 2013)

Today is a very sad day for me. My love, my dear Windows has passed away. We were together for over 20 years, her illness took control over her, and during the last days she passed away. Before I give you further details about the disease she had over the ...

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