Nested Partitioned Views

A few weeks ago I had a customer engagement, where the customer wanted to implement Nested Partitioned Views. Before we go into the details of this approach and if it could work, I want to give you an overview about the requirements, and why the customer wanted to have Nested ...

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My upcoming speaking schedule

The summer goes by and in a few weeks the conference season starts over again. The last weeks were a little bit stressful, but now I had finally some time to prepare my sessions for upcoming SQL Server conferences, where I’m speaking over the next months. 24 Hours of PASS, ...

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Initialize a Transactional Replication from a Database Backup

During the last days I’m working on Replication – especially with Transactional Replication. The main idea of Transactional Replication is that you have a so-called Log Reader Agent on your Publisher SQL Server database running, that is analyzing the Transaction Log File and synchronize changes on so-called Articles through a ...

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