Upcoming SQLpassion Online Trainings

Today I’m quite happy to announce my upcoming SQLpassion Trainings for the next few months. Currently I have scheduled the following online trainings:

I’m quite happy to provide a brand-new training about how to run SQL Server on Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes. The first time when I heard about SQL Server running on Linux, I was not really convinced about it. But as soon as you take SQL Server on Linux, and combine it with Docker and Kubernetes, you will get a really powerful toolset that can scale very efficiently and can provide you a very good high availability for your business-critical databases.

In addition, I have also reworked the content of my famous SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting Workshop, where I concentrate now more on the correct VM and Hypervisor Configuration for SQL Server, and I will also give you a lot of different tips and tricks around NUMA configurations, because they are getting more and more important these days.

Please check-out the above mentioned links for more details about the various trainings (detailed agenda, dates, pricing) and how to sign-up.

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