Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware

The year 2017 is almost over, and therefore I want to announce today some important announcements about my SQL Server trainings that I will offer in the next year.

Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware

Today I’m quite proud to announce that I will offer beginning with next year a brand-new SQLpassion workshop: Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware

The title of the workshop already says everything. Over the past years I have seen so many different SQL Server deployments, and almost every deployment that you see these days in the field is virtualized. And guess what – almost every virtualized SQL Server is running on VMware vSphere. But interestingly enough, these virtualized SQL Server have a lot of common misconfigurations that I see over and over again. A lot of people are already wasting valuable performance directly on the virtualization layer.

And based on these findings my new workshop Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware was born. When you look at the detailed agenda, you can see that the workshop runs for 3 days. In the first 2 days I cover the core VMware vSphere and SQL Server resources (CPU, Memory, Network, Storage), and how to configure them accordingly on the host and VM level for the best possible performance. And on the 3rd day I will give you more guidance about how to run SQL Server on a VMware vSphere High Availability deployment, and how to get the best possible performance out from VMware vSAN – again in combination with SQL Server.

As you can see the whole workshop is fully packed with a lot of valuable information that will help you directly in your day-to-day life to run a better performing SQL Server deployment on top of VMware vSphere.

In which cities do I run that workshop? Nowhere! I’m running this new workshop directly in front of your computer screen – as a Live based Online Training! I have already done this year a lot of different 1-day online trainings and they have worked quite well, and people are really happy when they don’t need to travel to somewhere else to attend my trainings.

And I’m also happy when I don’t need to travel, because I can spend more time with my family, and my various flight simulators 😉 And therefore I’m only offering the Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware Workshop exclusively as an online training. There are also no plans from my side to offer that workshop as an offline training – expect if you want me to deliver this training in your office as an Inhouse Training.

To give you during that training a real life experience I will also run that training on serious hardware, which I’m running in my own home lab. I have here a physical 3-node VMware vSphere deployment (with a functional VSAN cluster up and running), and everything is connected together with a dedicated 10Gbit network based on serious Cisco switches.

My goal for this new online training is to work during these 3 days on serious hardware so that I can show you real world performance issues, and how to solve them by making the right configuration changes on the VMware host and VM level.

My brand-new VMware vSphere Home Lab!

SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop & SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop

In addition to my brand-new workshop I will also run next year again both of my existing SQL Server Workshops: the SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop and the SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop. But there is also a slightly change in how I deliver these trainings: beginning with next year I will run each training once a year also as an Online Training.

The reasons for this approach are quite easy: very often I’m getting approached by people that they want to attend one of my workshops, but they are not allowed to travel, or they don’t want to travel (e.g. because of family reasons). And therefore I also want to give these people the chance to attend my trainings by also offering them as Online Trainings.

From March 5 – 9 I will run my SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop as an Online Training, and later next year (in October 2018) I will also run the SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop as an Online Training. As you can see, there are plenty of online options to explore now. And therefore I offer you the SQLpassion Online Live Class Bundle, which will give you access to all 3 Online Trainings in 2018 for a discounted price of EUR 4990 + 20% VAT instead of the regular price of EUR 7070 + 20% VAT. Beginning with February 1, 2018 the price of that bundle will also increase to EUR 5990 + 20% VAT.


I hope that you are quite happy with the changes that I make in how to deliver my trainings in the future, and that some of you are now finally able to attend one of my workshop online. And if you run SQL Server on VMware – my Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware Workshop is a “must-attend” training class in 2018!

Thanks for your time,


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