Unique and non-unique non-clustered indexes on a unique clustered index

In the last weblog post I have talked about the difference of unique and non-unique clustered indexes. As you have seen SQL Server uses an internal overhead of 4 bytes (the so-called uniquifier) to make non-unique clustered index rows unique. Today I want to work out the difference between unique ...

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Unique/Non-Unique Clustered Indexes

In the last blog post I have talked about unique/non-unique clustered indexes on a heap table. A table without a clustered index is called a heap table in SQL Server. When you define a clustered index on such a table, the table data gets structured and is therefore referred as ...

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Unique and non-unique SQL Server indexes on a heap table

In the upcoming weblog postings I want to work out the differences between unique and non-unique indexes in SQL Server. I assume that you already know the concepts about clustered- and non clustered indexes and how they are used in SQL Server. In the past I’ve done a lot of ...

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