SQL Server on Linux – how does it actually work?

Over the last few weeks I have already written a lot about how to run SQL Server on Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes. But I haven’t yet talked about how SQL Server can actually run on Linux. Therefore, it’s time today to unveil this little secret 🙂 . Drawbridge When Microsoft ...

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Upgrading SQL Server on Linux

Today I want to show you a very quick blog posting how easy it is to upgrade SQL Server on Linux. As you know from my previous blog posting I’m currently running in my Home Lab a Linux Ubuntu Virtual Machine, where I have installed SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.3. ...

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Installing and Configuring SQL Server on Linux

I have already shown you in the past how to install and run SQL Server in Docker Containers, and how to deploy Availability Groups and stand-alone SQL Server Instances into Kubernetes Clusters. In today’s blog posting I want to continue this discussion and you will learn how to install and ...

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Removing an In-Memory OLTP File Group

Yesterday evening I came across a very interesting behavior in SQL Server: a customer has told me that they have some problems by removing a file group that was used for In-Memory OLTP. Unfortunately that is NOT possible! You can’t remove an In-Memory OLTP file group! A simple example Let’s ...

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