Filtered Indexes in SQL Server

Today I want to talk about a specific kind of index in SQL Server: Filtered Indexes, which were introduced back with SQL Server 2008 – so already very long time ago. A Filtered Index is a traditional Non-Clustered Index, which includes a Filter Predicate that restricts the rows that are ...

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Creating a vSAN based vSphere Cluster

As you might know from my Home Lab setup, I’m a big believer and fan of VMware vSAN, which is a Software-Defined Storage solution. Therefore I want to show you in today’s blog posting a step-by-step guide how you can create a vSAN based vSphere Cluster. For a basic understanding ...

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I have a broken leg

Todays blog posting is a little bit more personal than technical. It seems that I don’t have that much luck this year, because since Sunday evening I have a broken right foot 🙁 I don’t want to go into the details about how it happened, but in the first step ...

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My upcoming Speaking Schedule

In today’s blog posting I want to give you a brief overview about my upcoming Speaking Schedule, and where you can meet me physically and virtually. From October 8 to 11 I’m speaking at the SQLdays Conference in Erding/Germany (near Munich). I’m giving here 2 full-day workshops and 2 regular ...

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