Troubleshooting THREADPOOL Waits

Today I want to talk about a specified wait type that can be sometimes very hard to troubleshoot: the THREADPOOL wait type. This wait type is specific to the internal thread scheduling mechanism inside SQL Server. As you might know SQL Server internally uses its own “operating system” to implement ...

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Query Memory Spills

When you sometimes look at Execution Plans, you can see that the SELECT operator has sometimes a so-called Memory Grant assigned. This Memory Grant is specified in kilobytes and is needed for the query execution, when some operators (like Sort/Hash operators) in the Execution Plans need memory for execution – ...

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SQL Server Indexing Day, 18. Jänner 2012 in Wien

Sie wollen SQL Server Abfragen um 100% oder gar 1000% beschleunigt haben? Gleichzeitig wollen Sie Hardware– und Lizenzkosten Ihrer SQL Server Anwendungen und deren Infrastruktur senken? Ein Wunschdenken? – Keineswegs! Mit einer gut indizierten SQL Server Datenbank können Sie Geschwindigkeitsvorteile von mehreren 100% für bestimmte Abfragen gewinnen. Als positiven Seiteneffekt ...

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SQLMCM Training – Day 18

Today we covered the topics Full Text Search, Change Data Capture, Change Tracking, and Service Broker. I have taken no notes on Service Broker, because I have well documented that topic a few years ago here. Full Text Search Fulltext Index is changed automatically in the background (by default) Fulltext ...

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SQLMCM Training – Day 17

Today Bob spoke about Auditing, SQLCLR, XML, and Spatial Data. Because I already know these concepts very well, my study notes for today are very sparse. Auditing SQL Trace has too much drawbacks from Auditing Separate program Column Level GRANT overrides a DENY Auditing audits changes to Auditing Auditing Targets ...

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