Announcing the SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop

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Today I’m very happy and proud to announce my brand new SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop that I will run later this year at multiple locations across Europe.

The goal of this workshop is very easy: I want to learn you the handcraft how to write better performing T-SQL queries, and how you can analyze and troubleshoot query related performance problems in SQL Server:

  • Learn how to write high performance T-SQL queries
  • Understand and apply the difference between logical and physical query processing
  • Getting a detailed knowledge about execution plans and how to optimize performance
  • Applying indexing strategies to your performance problems
  • Evaluate if In-Memory technologies make sense for your database
The workshop is currently scheduled for the following locations and dates:
  • October 13 – 16 in Zurich/Switzerland
  • October 20 – 23 in London/United Kingdom
  • October 27 – 30 in Vienna/Austria
  • November 17 – 20 in Utrecht/Netherlands

If you are interested in more information about the workshop, the detailed agenda, and the pricing, please have a look at the workshop website itself.

Thanks for reading!



  • I am a SQL Server Developer and I am really interest about this training, but I am in Canada, do you have this training in North America (CA or US)? or do you have online training for this?

    • Klaus Aschenbrenner

      Hello Jason,

      Thanks for your comment.
      Currently I only run my trainings in Europe.



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