SQL Server Quickie #18 – Bookmark Lookups

Today I have uploaded the 18th SQL Server Quickie to YouTube. This time I’m talking about Bookmark Lookups in SQL Server.

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2 thoughts on “SQL Server Quickie #18 – Bookmark Lookups”

  1. Thanks for the post and it was very helpful, I have quick question what happened if we need to add 10-20 columns in the select query do we need to include all the columns in the Include ? Thanks Karthick

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your comment.
      Technically you can include these columns, but practically it doesn’t make sense, because you duplicate all these columns in the Non-Clustered Index.
      So you have to check your requirements, if you need all these columns in your application, and otherwise you have to live with the Bookmark Lookup.



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