SQLpassion in the time of Covid-19

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If you have told me a week ago that we have a partial curfew in Austria, and that we have to teach our children at home, I would have told you, that you are insane. A week later our whole life has changed, and our country is almost locked down.

What does this mean how to the services that I provide through my company SQLpassion? Fortunately, I have already done a lot of my work in the past entirely remotely. Therefore, I have here already a huge experience and no problems with working from home – compared to other companies.

I can still provide all my services to you – remotely:

On the other hand, I also have my SQLpassion Online Academy, where you can access a lot of my SQL Server related training materials on-demand. So, there are a lot of plenty options if you want to learn something new about SQL Server.

And the most important message to you: STAY AT HOME and help flatten the curve!!!!!!!!

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