SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop

Are you a developer writing T-SQL queries for SQL Server databases? Sometimes your queries are very slow, and you have no idea how to tune and further improve them? When you look at execution plans, you can’t understand how to interpret and analyze them?

In 5 days you will learn about:

  • Query Processing Basics
  • Physical Query Processing
  • Index & Statistics
  • Measure Index Impacts
  • Querying multiple Tables
  • Parallel Queries
  • Temporary Data & Aggregations
  • Windowing Functions
  • In-Memory Technologies

SQL Server Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting Workshop

Are you an SQL Server DBA or developer and you have encountered performance related problems with SQL Server? Yesterday your SQL Server was running very smoothly, but today’s performance is very bad and you have no idea what the problem is nor how to solve it?

In 5 days you will learn about:

  • Database Internals
  • Execution Plans
  • Indexing & Statistics
  • Locking, Blocking, Deadlocking
  • Extended Events
  • Temp Db
  • Performance Troubleshooting

Free SQL Server Training Videos

The goal of the SQL Server Quickies video series is that you can learn about specific advanced SQL Server topics within 15 minutes by listening to me working hard on the flipchart explaining various SQL Server topics.



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