Self-Paced Online Trainings

You don’t have the time to set a whole day or even a whole week in a SQL Server training? No problem: just check-out my brand-new Self-Paced Online Trainings that I offer for your immediate access:

  • SQL Server Query Tuning Strategies – If you have a database driven application which reacts very slowly when the data increases, then you are right in this webinar! In this webinar you will learn, how you can tune SQL Server Queries with concrete Index Tuning Strategies. You will also see how SQL Server caches and reuses Execution Plans, and which terrible problems can occur in SQL Server based on this behaviour.
    For only EUR 390 + 20% VAT!
  • SQL Server In-Memory Technologies – In-Memory is the new buzzword of the modern age. It doesn’t matter on which database vendor you look at, everyone offers you In-Memory technologies. The same applies to SQL Server: In-Memory OLTP and ColumnStore Indexes.
    For only EUR 390 + 20% VAT!
  • SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting – This online training you will see you can do effective performance monitoring and troubleshooting with SQL Server. You will learn how to identify performance bottlenecks with tools and information provided by SQL Server and how to resolve the identified performance bottlenecks.
    For only EUR 390 + 20% VAT!

After payment of the online training, you get immediate access to it, and I will provide you all the slides & samples for the training for your own personal use.

If you want to buy an online training for your whole company, or you want to buy all available trainings in a bundle together, please get in contact with me, so that I can offer you a discounted price.

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