SQL Server Quickie #22 – The Buffer Pool

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Today I have uploaded the 22th SQL Server Quickie to YouTube. This time I’m talking about the Buffer Pool in SQL Server.

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Thanks for watching!



  • great video! just as a side note, running this in large environments which a lot of memory , your scripts would fail as you would need to ask the calculation to a BIGINT.

    Cheers for the videos Klaus!!

    • Klaus Aschenbrenner

      Hello Chris,

      Hah – nice catch! I have to change that 🙂



  • Vimal Kr. Prajapati

    Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

    I have one question which is not related to this video. Is there any way to know the sql server edition without installing it?? I mean to say I have only exe file and I want to know the sql server edition i.e. it is Enterprise edition or express edition or sql developer edition. How and where we can get this information??

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Klaus Aschenbrenner

      Hello Vimal,

      Thanks for your great feedback.
      Without installing SQL Server I have no idea how to find out the SQL Server edition 😉



  • Fantastic in-depth video. Short but insightful. I already have something to use this for once I get my hands on the queries used in the video…

  • Prashant

    Thanks for knowledge.

    I want to know what action need to take if any table is consuming more memory in buffer pool.


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