Latches, Spinlocks & Lock-Free Data Structures – my SQLRally Nordic session

Whew, this was an intensive session about Latches, Spinlocks & Lock-Free Data Structures at the SQLRally Nordic conference in Copenhagen. I hope you have enjoyed this session as much as I have enjoyed it to present it in front of a fully packed room – with an engaging audience 🙂

Speaking about Latches, Spinlocks & Lock-Free Data Structures

As promised at the end of my session, you can download the complete slide deck & ALL samples that I have shown. And never ever try to reproduce the Spinlock Contention sample on your most important production server!

If you are interested in learning more about SQL Server Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting, you can also join me in my training class in June in London. If you sign up, please make sure to mention that you have attended my SQLRally Nordic session, so that I can give you the mentioned 10% discount. And YES, you have to prove with a simple question that you really have attended my session 😉

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2 thoughts on “Latches, Spinlocks & Lock-Free Data Structures – my SQLRally Nordic session”

  1. Erik T Nielsen

    I participated in your PASS SqlRally session in Copenhagen last week and the I told you that I have been struggling with Spinlock resulting in convoy.
    I have a demo on 2 MB on the case.
    Spinlock occurred when going from 2 to 4 NUMA on SQL 2012 & 2014 due to negative scaling for compiles when adding more NUMA.
    If you want more information please send me your mail addres.

    1. Klaus Aschenbrenner

      Hello Erik,

      It was great to meet you in Copenhagen 🙂
      Please send me an email to klaus DOT aschenbrenner AT sqlpassion DOT at.



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