Upcoming SQLpassion Online Trainings

Today I’m quite happy to announce my upcoming SQLpassion Trainings for the next few months. Currently I have scheduled the following online trainings: SQL Server on Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting I’m quite happy to provide a brand-new training about how to run SQL Server on Linux, ...

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Troubleshooting NUMA Node Imbalance Problems

My goal for last week was to get familiar with the HammerDB load generator and test-drive the TPC-C workload in my powerful Home Lab. This sounds like an easy task, because HammerDB automates all the necessary tasks for you. You can create the schema of the TPC-C database, and HammerDB ...

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Scalar Valued Functions in SQL Server 2019

One of the coolest new performance improvements in SQL Server 2019 is a better support for Scalar Valued Functions. As you (hopefully) know, Scalar Valued Functions always introduced a huge amount of performance problems – based on their implementation in SQL Server. Scalar Valued Functions prior SQL Server 2019 I ...

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SQLpassion Online Training in June 2019

On June 24, 2019 I’m running a one-day long webinar about SQL Server Query Tuning Fundamentals. In this one-day long webinar you will learn about: How to access your data through Indexes Heap Tables Clustered Index Non-Clustered Index Index Scans Index Seeks Execution Plans Overview Estimated Execution Plan Actual Execution ...

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