SQLpassion Live Training about SQL Server Availability Groups

On September 29, 2022 I will run an SQLpassion Live Training about SQL Server Availability Groups. High Availability with previous versions of SQL Server was always complex: you had Clustering, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping, and Replication. Beginning with SQL Server 2012 Microsoft changed everything and introduced a new High Availability technology called Availability Groups. In this live training you will learn the basic architecture around Availability Groups, how to work with Availability Groups, and how to troubleshoot them.

During the live training I will cover the following areas:

  • Introduction
    • Installation & Configuration
    • Availability Groups
    • Availability Modes
    • Failover Modes
  • Working with Availability Groups
    • Active Secondaries
    • Quorum Configuration
    • Automatic Seeding
    • Load Balancing
    • Troubleshooting & Monitoring
    • Distributed Availability Groups

Live Trainings

This one-day long webinar is primarily for DBAs, Developers, and Consultants who want to work with SQL Server Availability Groups. Please check-out the this link for more details about the online training (detailed agenda, date, pricing) and how to sign-up.

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