SQLpassion Online Training about Statistics & Plan Caching

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On April 22, 2021 I will run an SQLpassion Online Training about Statistics & Plan Caching in SQL Server. Statistics are used by SQL Server to estimate how many rows are returned for a given query. Based on that assumption, the Query Optimizer compiles a physical Execution Plan, which is finally executed by SQL Server. The generated Execution Plan is also cached in the so- called Plan Cache for further reuse.

Because of this approach, a lot of different performance problems can occur in SQL Server, especially then when an inefficient Execution Plan is generated and reused over the time. During the webinar I will cover the following areas:

  • Statistics
    • Auto Create
    • Auto Update
    • Statistics Analysis
    • Multi Column Statistics
  • Cardinality Estimation
    • Conjunctions
    • Disjunctions
    • Ascending Key Column Problem
  • Plan Caching
    • Adhoc Query Caching
    • Parameterization
    • Optimize for Adhoc Workloads
  • Parameter Sniffing
    • Local Variables
    • Recompilations
    • Plan Guides

This one-day long webinar is primarily for DBAs, Developers, and Consultants who want to make their SQL Server installations faster. Please check-out the this link for more details about the online training (detailed agenda, date, pricing) and how to sign-up.

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