As you might know, my son Philip is quite talented in Chess, and he already competes very succesfully at the national level. He is currently listed at the 8th rank within his age group. Because a lot of people are currently very interested in chess (especially because of the Netflix movie “The Queens Gambit“), my son and I have thought about building an online presence where we try to share our chess passion.

And therefore we have launched last week our new website where Philip publishes every day a chess puzzle that you can solve. And trust me, these are not the easy ones! In addition Philip has also launched his own Youtube Channel, where we try to publish every 2 weeks a short chess video about a specific topic.

Philip talks about Chess

So, please make sure to subscribe to his Youtube Channel, and to check-out his chess puzzles. In addition you can also follow us on Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Announcing”

  1. Peter Tilsted

    Good luck to Philip in his chess endeavours

    Here at my home, we started up playing chess again after watching queen gambit, without the booze and drugs though 🙂

    nowhere near any level of philip, but trying to learn to get beyond the basics

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