SQLpassion Online Training about SQL Server on VMware

On October 8, 2020 I will run an SQLpassion Online Training about how to run SQL Server successfully on VMware vSphere. In this one-day long workshop we will look at the core resources used by SQL Server on VMware vSphere, and how you have to configure them to get the best possible performance from your SQL Server installation running on VMware vSphere.

  • CPU Configuration
    • CPU Architectures
    • NUMA
    • Hyperthreading
    • Power Management
  • Memory Configuration
    • Host and Guest Memory Management
    • Locked Pages & Large Pages
    • Memory Reclamation Techniques
    • Memory Configuration for SQL Server
  • Storage Configuration
    • Host Datastore Design
    • Guest Storage Design
    • VMDK File Provisioning
    • Troubleshooting Storage Performance

This 1 day long webinar is primarily for DBAs, VMware professionals, and Consultants who want to learn how to run SQL Server successfully on VMware vSphere. You find more information about the training here, where you can also sign-up.

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