Announcing the *brand new* SQLpassion Briefings and new SQLpassion Workshops

Wow, time flies by. Over the last 3 months I was almost all the time on the road, traveling around the world, speaking and consulting about SQL Server. December is almost every year already a very silent month for me, and I enjoy it a lot staying at home without seeing any airplanes anymore 🙂

And December is also the time when it’s time to announce my new SQLpassion workshops for the next year. But before I announce the new 2016 dates, I want to announce a brand new training series to you: the SQLpassion Briefings.

SQLpassion Briefings

The idea behind the SQLpassion Briefings is quite simple: come and join me for an half-day of free SQL Server training and I will show you together with some coffee how to make your SQL Server faster.

Come and join me for an half-day of free training and I will show you together with some coffee how to make your SQL Server faster

My first SQLpassion Briefing in 2016 will be about SQL Server 2016. Join me by the end of January and learn how to make your performance critical workload ready for SQL Server 2016. I’m running this new half-day training on January 27 in Zurich/Switzerland, and on January 28 in Utrecht/Netherlands. Please feel free to register for your free spot!

SQLpassion Workshops

And of course there are new dates for my two SQLpassion workshop: the SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop, and the SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop. But besides the new dates for 2016 I have also reworked the complete agenda. The content of both workshops was already a few years old, and therefore it was time for a face-lifting. The SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop is now entirely about query tuning in SQL Server, and I will cover over 5 days almost everything that you have to know about query tuning, indexing, and execution plans.

And the SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop is still the best possible way to get indeep knowledge about performance tuning and troubleshooting for the serious database administrator. In the new version I’m also talking a lot about designing and working with very large databases, how to enhance your performance with Partitioning (that was already requested by a lot of people), and more detailed information about CPU, Memory, and the Resource Governor in SQL Server.

I’m running both workshop at the following locations and dates:

  • SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop
    • April 25 – 29 in Frankfurt/Germany
    • May 9 – 13 in Zurich/Switzerland
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop
    • April 11 – 15 in Utrecht/Netherlands
    • May 30 – June 3 in London/United Kingdom

If you are interested in one of both workshops, please make sure to register soon, because there is a super-early-bird price available until the end of the year.

I’m already looking forward to the new year, and to see a lot of you face-to-face.

Thanks for your time,


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