SQL Server Quickie #20 – CXPACKET Waits

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Today I have uploaded the 20th SQL Server Quickie to YouTube. This time I’m talking about CXPACKET Waits in SQL Server.

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Thanks for watching!



  • Jeff Blackburn

    Thank you, Klaus. You have a gift of taking a complex topic and making it understandable.

  • Hi Klaus,

    Do you make available the code used in the video? For example, that endless proc?



  • Hi Klaus,
    I’m very very interested with your SQL Server #Quickie. It’s very good and simply understand. Can you give example about CXPacket Wait that we need to troubleshoot. Thanks

    • Klaus Aschenbrenner


      Thanks for your comment and your great feedback.
      It’s always fun to produce these SQL Server Quickies 🙂

      You can have for example a parallel scan on a partitioned table, where one partition is on a slower storage as another partition.



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