SQL Server Quickie #20 – CXPACKET Waits

Today I have uploaded the 20th SQL Server Quickie to YouTube. This time I’m talking about CXPACKET Waits in SQL Server.

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Thanks for watching!


6 thoughts on “SQL Server Quickie #20 – CXPACKET Waits”

  1. Jeff Blackburn

    Thank you, Klaus. You have a gift of taking a complex topic and making it understandable.

  2. Hi Klaus,
    I’m very very interested with your SQL Server #Quickie. It’s very good and simply understand. Can you give example about CXPacket Wait that we need to troubleshoot. Thanks

    1. Klaus Aschenbrenner


      Thanks for your comment and your great feedback.
      It’s always fun to produce these SQL Server Quickies 🙂

      You can have for example a parallel scan on a partitioned table, where one partition is on a slower storage as another partition.



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