Personal SQL Server Coaching

I travel a lot. I’m away from home a lot. I spread the passion about SQL Server around the whole world through my conference talks, and my public trainings. Currently I am sitting in Cape Town/South Africa and writing these lines to you.

Because of my huge travel schedule and my passion about SQL Server, I want to try a new experiment together with you: I want to offer you a new exclusive service: personal SQL Server Coaching in your city!

You can think about the personal SQL Server Coaching as follows:

  • Because of my huge travel schedule, I see many different cities and countries in the course of the year.
  • When I’m in your city, I offer a dedicated 2 hour long SQL Server coaching slot in the evening (around 18:00 pm to 21:00 pm depending on your and my work schedule).
  • During these 2 hours we look at a specific SQL Server related performance problem from your SQL Server environment. Together with you I will provide you concrete guidance, ideas, and solutions on how you can resolve your specific performance problem.
  • As a prerequisite you have to bring your performance problem in a reproducible way to our SQL Server coaching session (e.g. prepared on a notebook).

I can offer the following SQL Server Coaching slots during the rest of 2014:

  • Dublin/Ireland: September 18
  • Antwerp/Belgium: September 30
  • Utrecht/Netherlands: October 3
  • Munich/Germany: October 6, October 7, October 9
  • Zurich/Switzerland: October 14, October 15
  • London/UK: October 27, October 28, October 29
  • Seattle/USA: The week from November 3 – November 7
  • Karlsruhe/Germany: November 12, November 13
  • Utrecht/Netherlands: November 18, November 19
  • Antwerp/Belgium: November 25, November 26, November 27

If you are interested in personal SQL Server coaching, please contact me for further information, pricing, and availability of your preferred slot.

Be part of a new experiment, and feel the passion about SQL Server!

Thanks for reading.


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