How to handle Deadlocks in SQL Server

In todays blog posting I want to talk about how to handle Deadlocks in SQL Server. A deadlock occurs when 2 queries are waiting for each other, and no query can continue its work anymore. In the first step I want to give you an overview how SQL Server handles deadlocks. ...

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ColumnStore Segment Elimination

ColumnStore Indexes are great! They are a real performance booster for Data Warehousing and Reporting workloads. In combination with Clustered ColumnStore Indexes you get a huge compression benefit over regular RowStore Indexes (Clustered Indexes, Non-Clustered Indexes). And creating a Clustered ColumnStore Index is quite easy: [crayon-58b4329e737f0581814379/] But is that all ...

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Data Page Restrictions

As you might know, a data page is always 8kb large, and you are able to store 8060 bytes of data on it. And the size of your records dictates how many records you can store on one page. When you deal with fixed-length data types (like CHAR, INT, DATETIME, ...

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SQLpassion Web Cast January 2017

Today I have uploaded my 1st Web Cast to YouTube. In this Web Cast I have talked today about SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1. Make sure to signup for my next Web Cast on February 29 where I will talk about Troubleshooting CXPACKET Waits in SQL Server. Thanks for ...

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