First steps with SQL Server on Linux

As you might know, a few weeks ago Microsoft released the first public CTP version of SQL Server that runs directly on Linux! Therefore it was time for me to cross the bridge and install my first ever Linux installation so that I could play with SQL Server on it. ...

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SQL Server 2016 SP1 Standard Edition = Enterprise Edition!?

Last week Microsoft made a historic announcement regarding SQL Server: with the introduction of the Service Pack 1 the Standard Edition of SQL Server offers you the same features as the Enterprise Edition. You don’t trust me? Just look here. This changes the whole game in the market for relational ...

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Why the Recovery Model SIMPLE is a really bad idea

A few weeks ago one of my blog readers asked in a comment if it is a good idea to set the Recovery Model of the model database to SIMPLE, and if there are any downsides of that approach. I can’t emphasise it enough, but using the Recovery Model SIMPLE ...

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Disabling ROW and PAGE Level Locks in SQL Server

Today I want to talk about another very interesting topic in SQL Server: disabling Row and Page Level Locks in SQL Server. Every time that you rebuild an Index in SQL Server, you can use the ALLOW_ROW_LOCKS and ALLOW_PAGE_LOCKS options to specify that SQL Server should acquire Row and Page ...

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