SQLpassion Online Trainings in July 2017

Today I’ve announced my SQLpassion Online Trainings for July 2017. On July 4 I’m doing again a free webcast from 18:00 – 19:00 (GMT + 1), where I will talk about how to troubleshoot Latches in SQL Server. And on July 5 I’m running again a one-day long webinar about ...

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Tracking Lookup Operations in SQL Server

Last week during my SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop I got quite an interesting question regarding Bookmark Lookup Operations against Clustered Indexes: “How can I find out on which Clustered Index I have the most Lookup Operations performed?” The great thing about SQL Server is that SQL Server logs a ...

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How to calculate RAID 5 Parity Information

I have previously ranted a few times about why a RAID 5 is a terrible idea for storing your Transaction Log, and why it is also very risky to store your data files on a RAID 5 volume. But in today’s blog post I want to show you how the ...

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Cardinality Estimation Limitations

As you might know, SQL Server uses internally Statistics to estimate how many rows are returned from a specific query. That process is called the Cardinality Estimation. Based on the output from the Cardinality Estimation the Query Optimizer generates an Execution Plan, which is cached and finally executed. In today’s blog ...

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