Data Pages – the Foundation of SQL Server

Pages are the foundation of SQL Server – everything in SQL Server is about pages. When we want to improve the performance of our queries, we try to lower the page reads that SQL Server needs for a specific query. When we talk about indexing in the 2nd month, we ...

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Writing a book on Service Broker – a wise decision?

Last week Brent Ozar published a blog post, where he talked about how choose a successful topic for a weblog. He gave 3 different examples of success and even failure: Jonathan Kehayias, who has established his name with his famous Extended Event series Niko Neugebauer, the well-known guy on ColumnStore ...

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Restarting SQL Server – always a good idea?

I see it often in the field – sometimes people regularly restart SQL Server! We all hopefully agree that a regular restart of SQL Server isn’t really a good idea. But in today’s blog post I want to dig a little more into the details what the side-effects are when ...

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Does a RECONFIGURE statement flush the Plan Cache?

A few weeks ago I got quite an interesting question from a weblog reader: does a RECONFIGURE statement flush the Plan Cache? Normally my answer to this question is a simple Yes, but as we have sometimes found out together the real answer is an “it depends”. Let’s have a ...

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