Pessimistic Concurrency in SQL Server

SQL Server provides pessimistic and optimistic concurrency models that define how concurrent queries are executed. In todays blog posting I want to give you an overview of the various isolation levels that are part of the pessimistic concurrency model, and in a subsequent blog posting I will talk in more ...

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How to read an Execution Plan

Today I want to talk about a very “simple” topic: how to read an execution plan. At first this seems to be quite an easy question, but when you look into the details of the answer it can be surprising. There are 2 different ways to read an execution plan ...

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How SQL Server executes a query

Today I want to lay out today the foundation about how SQL Server executes a query. This is a very important topic, because everything else regarding performance tuning and troubleshooting is based on these concepts. The following pictures give you an overview about the most important components within SQL Server, that ...

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The LaCie Rugged RAID Thunderbolt

In today’s blog posting I want to talk about the LaCie Rugged RAID USB 3/Thunderbolt enclosure that I have “tuned” for my personal needs a little bit . The “normal” configuration First let’s talk about the normal configuration of the LaCie Rugged RAID. The LaCie is shipped with 2x 2TB ...

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Your RAID 5 array is only as good as your backup!

It happened silently, and we lost almost everything – our RAID 5 storage array crashed! No, I’m not talking about someone else, I’m talking today about our RAID 5 array at home, why it failed, and why I failed! RAID 5 – the basics A RAID 5 array is the ...

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