How much RAM do I need for SQL Server?

A classic question that I get asked very often during my various SQL Server consulting engagements is how much RAM do I need for SQL Server? This question has again a typical “It depends” answer. In today’s blog post let’s have a more detailed look into the various aspects on ...

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SQLBits 2016 Liverpool – my Attendee Feedback

A few days ago I received my attendee feedback from the SQLBits 2016 conference, which was held this time in lovely Liverpool. I had done a whole day precon about Locking, Blocking, and Deadlocking and a 1 hour long session about Joins in SQL Server. As easy as ABC? So ...

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Files and File Groups in SQL Server

In today’s blog post I want to talk about a very important topic in SQL Server: how SQL Server handles Files and File Groups. When you create a simple database with a CREATE DATABASE command, SQL Server only creates 2 files for you: A Data File (.mdf) A Transaction Log ...

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Data Pages – the Foundation of SQL Server

Pages are the foundation of SQL Server – everything in SQL Server is about pages. When we want to improve the performance of our queries, we try to lower the page reads that SQL Server needs for a specific query. When we talk about indexing in the 2nd month, we ...

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