Composite Non-Clustered Indexes – does the Column Order matter?

When I talk about indexes, people always ask me if the sorting order of the columns in a composite Non-Clustered Index matters? The short answer is always “It depends”. Let’s have a look on it why “it depends”.. Singleton Lookups When you have queries which perform Singleton Lookups on your ...

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999 Non-Clustered Indexes on a Table – a good idea?

Every index in SQL Server can improve your query performance, if the Query Optimizer chooses the index in the execution plan for data retrieval. But on the other hand every index will also hurt your performance, because the index has to be maintained during INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations. Therefore ...

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SQL Server on Linux – first preview!

As you might know, Microsoft announced a few weeks ago that they will release a fully working SQL Server product on Linux! If you want to see how SQL Server on Linux works, and how it feels to run queries against it, please checkout the following video, which was published ...

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In-Memory OLTP and too less Memory

I have already blogged a few times about In-Memory OLTP and why I don’t yet recommend this technology currently to my customers. Today I want to talk a little bit more about the memory requirements behind In-Memory OLTP, and what happens if you have too little memory. It’s all about ...

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