Query Memory Grants and Resource Semaphores in SQL Server

In today’s blog posting I want to talk about Query Memory in SQL Server, and want to show you how fast it can degrade the performance of your queries. Before we dive into the details about how SQL Server is managing Query Memory, I want to talk briefly about what ...

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My upcoming Speaking Schedule

In today’s blog posting I want to give you a brief overview about my upcoming Speaking Schedule, and where you can meet me physically and virtually. From October 8 to 11 I’m speaking at the SQLdays Conference in Erding/Germany (near Munich). I’m giving here 2 full-day workshops and 2 regular ...

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New Whitepaper: Architecting Microsoft SQL Server on VMware vSphere

Last week VMware has released a new whitepaper with the very promising title “Architecting Microsoft SQL Server on VMware vSphere”. If you have a virtualized SQL Server running on top of VMware, this whitepaper is a MUST READ for you!!! I’ve read through the whitepaper over the last few days, ...

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Service Broker Target for Extended Events

During one of my last Online Trainings about Extended Events, someone asked me about the Service Broker Target that Extended Events offers. To be honest, I had really no idea about this. So I had to check that target out, because in combination with Service Broker this would be an ...

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