In-Memory OLTP and too less Memory

I have already blogged a few times about In-Memory OLTP and why I don’t yet recommend this technology currently to my customers. Today I want to talk a little bit more about the memory requirements behind In-Memory OLTP, and what happens if you have too little memory. It’s all about ...

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Crash Recovery & Recovery Models

A few weeks ago I released a SQL Server Quickie about Crash Recovery in SQL Server. There was one interesting comment about whether the Recovery Model of the database influences Crash Recovery and if you would lose transactions in the Recovery Model Simple. Therefore I want to take this point ...

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SQLpassion Workshops in Fall 2016

Time goes by, and today I’m very proud to announce all upcoming SQLpassion workshops for fall 2016: SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop November 7 – November 11 in Utrecht/Netherlands SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop October 31 – November 4 in Copenhagen/Denmark November 21 – November 25 in Zurich/Switzerland November 28 ...

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Why do we need Intent Locks in SQL Server?

I blogged 2 years ago about why we need UPDATE locks in SQL Server. Today I want to continue this discussion by talking about Intent Locks in SQL Server, and why they are needed. The Lock Hierarchy in SQL Server When I talked about Lock Escalations in SQL Server, I ...

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Lock Escalations – do they always happen?

I blogged some time ago about the basics of Lock Escalations in SQL Server, and how even the plan shape can influence Lock Escalations. Today I want to talk further about Lock Escalations: do they always happen? When does a Lock Escalation happen? In general a Lock Escalation happens in ...

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