SQLpassion Online Training in October 2017

Today I’ve announced my SQLpassion Online Training for October 2017. On October 5 I’m running a one-day long webinar about SQL Server Locking & Blocking. If you are interested in attending one of the online trainings, hurry up for registration because the space is limited! Thanks for your time, -Klaus

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Adding Replicas into existing Availability Groups

Last week I have blogged about how you can run the Availability Group traffic through a different network card. In today’s blog posting I want to talk about some side effects of this approach when you want to add a new Replica into an existing Availability Group. Add new Replicas ...

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How to run the Availability Group Traffic on a different NIC

When you deploy a new SQL Server Availability Group, the synchronization traffic between all replicas is routed by default always through your default network card. In today’s blog posting I want to show you how you can configure your SQL Server Availability Group, so that the network traffic goes through ...

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Automatic Seeding & Compression

Last week I have talked about the basic concepts behind Automatic Seeding in SQL Server 2016 Availability Groups. In today’s blog posting I want to continue by talking about Compression optimizations available in combination with Automatic Seeding. How do I enable Compression? If you are using Automatic Seeding when you ...

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