Intelligent Query Processing in SQL Server

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

Klaus Aschenbrenner

Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server

I work with Microsoft SQL Server for more than 20 years, and I provide with my company SQLpassion consulting and training services around the whole world.

Since 2012 I’m also a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server.

Course Description

The Intelligent Query Processing feature family in SQL Server 2017/2019 includes new functionalities that improve the performance of existing OLTP/OLAP workloads with almost no query rewrites. During this one-day long online training on October 14, 2021 we will cover all the features in that area.


Amazing Course

“During the training I have learned a lot about the query optimizer internals and how I can use that knowledge to write optimal performing queries. Klaus obviously knows a lot about these topics and is able to teach them very well. I can’t wait to attend one of his workshops in the near future.”

Roger from Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Course Details

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Price

EUR 590 incl. 20% VAT

Course Level


Agenda & Breakdown

  • Intelligent Query Processing in SQL Server 2017
    • Adaptive Joins
    • Interleaved Query Execution
    • Memory Grant Feedback
    • Lightweight Query Profiling Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Query Processing in SQL Server 2019
    • Deferred Compilation of Table Variables
    • Batch Mode Execution on Row Store Indexes
    • Approximate Count Distinct
    • Scalar Valued Functions Inlining

This 1 day long webinar is primarily for DBAs, Developers, and Consultants who want to learn about new query processing features in SQL Server 2017/2019.

Date & Location

October 14, 2021

EUR 590 incl. 20% VAT
Cancellation Fee: 100%
Course Language: English
Location: Online Live Class