SQLMCM Training – Day 18

Today we covered the topics Full Text Search, Change Data Capture, Change Tracking, and Service Broker. I have taken no notes on Service Broker, because I have well documented that topic a few years ago here.

Full Text Search

  • Fulltext Index is changed automatically in the background (by default)
  • Fulltext Catalog is a container for Fulltext Indexes
  • sys.dm_fts_memory_buffers
  • sys.dm_fts_memory_pools
  • sys.dm_fts_parser

CDC/Change Tracking

  • CDC can use the Transactional Replication Log Reader Job
  • Sparse Columns are not supported when used in a Column Set
  • Computed Columns are not supported
  • Individual XML elements are not tracked
  • 2 Capture instances are supported per table
  • KEEP_CDC option when you restore/attach CDC database backup on a Enterprise Edition

Tomorrow is the last day, where all is about Powershell. But I’m doing tomorrow nothing regarding the training, because I’m trying the SQLMCM Knowledge Exam in the afternoon, and want to have a long sleep with a fresh mind. I’m not expecting to pass the Knowledge Exam on the first try, but at least I know afterwards how hard it is really, and which topics I must study more, and to which level.

With this input I can also recalibrate my studying, because after 3 weeks of SQLskills trainings, it is really hard to find the right level – you can talk with Paul about the actual source code implementation of some components inside SQL Server. But is that really the level to which you have to know it? Tomorrow afternoon I know a little bit more about it…

Thanks for reading