MCM Training – Day 6 & 7

My whole weekend was dedicated to MCM studying, and I’ve reviewed a lot of stuff that we have learned through the last week, and I was also able to read a lot of additional whitepapers and blog posts, that Paul, Kimberly, and Jonathan have referred to us.

Today morning week 3 of the SQLskills training started. This week is all about High Availability and Disaster Recovery and seems to be a lot of fun, and I expect to see a lot of complicated demos and usage scenarios how to combine HADR technologies in SQL Server.

Some already have asked me, how my day looks like, so I want to share my daily schedule here with you:

  • 06:30am
    • Wake up
  • 06:30am – 07:00am
    • Getting up
    • Reading the news that have happened in Austria (I’m 9 hours behind the time in Austria, so it’s almost 04:00pm in the evening in Vienna
  • 07:00am – 07:30am
    • Video Chat with Karin & Philip
    • Philip already enjoys it, and looks every day forward to it, even he is only 18 months old J
  • 07:30am – 08:30am
    • Breakfast at SQLskills training, get up and running for the training
  • 08:30am – 05:30pm
    • SQLskills training
  • 05:30pm – 07:00pm
    • Some time that is not dedicated to SQL Server 😉
  • 07:00pm – 11:00pm
    • Reviewing training material/notes from the day, reading whitepapers, working on some things in SQL Server that I want to try based on the training

This schedule repeats the whole week, expect this week, because the training “only” runs for 4 days.

Thanks for reading