I'm Klaus Aschenbrenner

I help people to bring their sql server installations to a new level of excellence.

“Klaus resolved our performance problems quickly and easily and gave us perfect guidance to avoid them in the future.” Michael from Mannheim, Germany

SQLpassion Offerings

SQLpassion, a European SQL Server consulting company, provides high-quality SQL Server consulting services. We are based in Vienna, Austria, but our client base is spread across the continent. We provide the following SQL Server services:

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You have seen my Blog Postings?

How to handle Deadlocks in SQL Server

In todays blog posting I want to talk about how to handle Deadlocks in SQL Server. A deadlock occurs when 2 ...


ColumnStore Segment Elimination

Data Page Restrictions

SQLpassion Web Cast January 2017

How I designed my mobile Data Center

Join the SQLBits Disco, and learn about Performance Troubleshooting


Time for a latest SQL Server Quickie:

Upcoming Events

Webcast: Troubleshooting CXPACKET Waits, February 27
Webinar: SQL Server Query Tuning Fundamentals, February 28
SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop
SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshop


Join Conference, March 6 – 8 in Warsaw/Poland
SQLBits, April 5 – 8 in Telford/United Kingdom
Techorama, May 22 – 24 in Antwerp/Belgium


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