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Learn how to resolve your SQL Server Performance problems!

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Parameter Sniffing
1 hour, $ 24.90

In this SQLpassion Online Academy Course, I’m talking about a specific problem in SQL Server – Parameter Sniffing. You will see how poorly performing Execution Plans can cause Parameter Sniffing problems, and how you can finally resolve Parameter Sniffing problems by working on your Indexing Strategy, or by influencing the SQL Server Query Optimizer.

Index Impact Analysis
1 hour, $ 24.90

Should we add this additional index, should we modify existing ones, or does it make sense to drop unused (?) indexes to improve workload performance? Finding correct answers to these questions is very difficult. In this SQLpassion Online Academy Course you will learn a proven way to identify if an index change was a good one or a bad one.

Choosing the right Clustered Key
1 hour, $ 24.90

What is the best Clustered Key? Some are saying that an ever-increasing value like an INT IDENTITY column is a very good candidate, while others are telling you that a random value like a UNIQUEIDENTIFIER is the best solution. In this SQLpassion Online Academy Course we will look on both extremes, and which problems you are introducing with each approach.

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