SQL Server Health Checks

Your company grows, and your SQL Server gets slower and slower and slower? You have virtualized your most important SQL Server installations on which your business relies? Your storage is extremely slow, but according to your SAN admin, everything is fine?

You have designed a High Availability solution for your SQL Server, but you are not sure if it really provides the necessary uptime?


Consulting Services

Is your SQL Server very slow, and you have to analyze to find the worst executed queries? Do you have to partition your biggest tables to implement a Sliding Window scenario?

Do you want to find out if a ColumnStore index will solve all your performance-related problems?



The SQLpassion Academy provides high-quality, state-of-the-art SQL Server trainings. The SQLpassion Academy currently includes our free SQL Server Training Videos and is accompanied by our various SQL Server workshops that are held at many locations across Europe throughout the whole year.


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