We are working with SQL Server every day throughout the whole year – it’s our passion. Almost every time, our passion about SQL Server jumps over to our customers. On this page you will find some testimonials and an excerpt from our past customers.

Tobias from Leipzip, Germany:
“Klaus gave a workshop for SQL Server performance tuning over three days on site in Leipzig. The workshop was excellently prepared for our needs and professionally presented. Supported by many live examples, the main topics of the workshop – especially Execution Plans and Indexing – were explained comprehensively and clearly illustrated. Questions and profound explanations were no obstacle for the presenter. Klaus responded to the wishes of the participants with patience (and SQL passion) and he sought the dialogue with the participants actively. We want to thank Klaus for the professional workshop, which brought us new knowledge on several aspects for our future work.”

Michael from Mannheim, Germany:
“Klaus resolved our performance problems quickly and easily and gave us perfect guidance to avoid them in the future. With his expertise of Service Broker, he gave our developers a new perspective of how to keep our application fast and scalable. We thank him, that he shared his tremendous knowledge and experience with us. It has been a privilege to work with him. He was definitely a memorable milestone on the road to our future success.”

Jörg from Graz, Austria:
“Klaus Aschenbrenner’s training provided interesting new insights even for our senior database developers. The acquired skills could be easily applied to their day-to-day work immediately after the training. To find out how SQL Server reacts in different situations, you need to go into detail – exactly this degree of detail was taught in a very structured and comprehensible way.”